A trip down to San Antonio. The trip down to SAT itself was fine as we booked it but Southwest was not easily able to accommodate a change we wanted to make. Much more on that to come.

More details to come. Things to know for now: Flights arrived on time. WiFi was spotty on the flight from MKE to HOU but on HOU to MKE the WiFi was not working at all. 

It Begins!

I left Chicago on a Friday. The plan was to take Metra ("the train" for those of us in the suburbs; for those in the city—i.e. Chicago—"the train" usually means CTA or the "El". So much terminology!) Anyway, the plan was to take the train into the city, walk a few blocks from the Ogilvie Metra station to pick up the Orange Line (CTA or El this time) and head out to Midway Airport (MDW).  That was the plan...

The flight had a take off time of 13:35 so the plan was to be on a Metra train by 10:03 for the roughly hour and forty-five minute trip into the city and then back out to Midway. Silly me though, I decided to mow my mom's lawn and tackle a leaking drain pipe in the used (but new to us) bathroom vanity I had recently installed. In fairness, I was about to leave for 8 days and these were projects that needed to get done.

The lawn mowing went quickly enough, but the sink drain had issues. I hadn't just left this to the last minute, I had been working on it off and on for a few days; most recently the night before I was supposed to leave. My "fix" seemed to have worked, but not 100% and I didn't want to leave for over a week with a drip; even a very small one.

After putzing around with it for longer than I should have (and missing the window for my 10:03 train), I finally got out the door. The family dropped me at the train station with a few minutes to spare and I ended up on the 11:03 train; ETA to Ogilvie was 12:23 with a 40ish minute trip back out to Midway...


So, I bolted. I got off the train at Irving Park instead of going all the way into Ogilvie. Why 2183121423 you ask? In theory it was simple. Irving Park sits right on an entrance to the expressway so if I could grab a cab and get right on the highway it would cut off 20 minutes or so of the trip. That was the theory...

In reality I wasted that 20 minutes looking for a cab. When I got off the train I went west on Irving Park Rd so that I could hop in a cab and he or she could go right up the ramp to the expressway. But I couldn't find a cab. The two or three I saw on that side all had fares. So I walked back to where I had gotten off the street, crossed under the expressway, Metra tracks and Blue Line tracks and started looking again. There was a cabbie filling up at a gas station on the corner so I figured if nothing else I would hop in with him when he finished. Fortunately though another came along sooner and i was able to get going. 

This driver was surprised when I said "Midway Airport" but he certainly knew the way. The time of day should have meant smooth sailing but of course this trip was not to have much smooth sailing by road. He navigated through all the construction at the circle interchange just fine but then we hit stop and go traffic due to pothole patching. (If you live in the south you probably miss this lovely phenomenon once winter finally breaks). 

After we finally got through that, it was fairly smooth the rest of the way. I hopped out of the cab at Midway at 13:05; pretty much exactly when I would have gotten there had I stayed on the train and taken the Orange Line from the Loop. A quick aside from the experience: I discovered the Curb app. I could have simply given the driver my credit card but we live in the app age so...Curb. 

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